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  We are mainly engaged in making adhesive series products such as LED sealing tape, Polyimide high temperature bar code label for PCB, Double –sided adhesive tape with silicone adhesive coated to one face of PET film and acrylic adhesive on the other face, Special red adhesive tape for  PCB, PET masking tape, polyimide film adhesive tape, High temperature crepe paper adhesive tape, Nomex adhesive tape, HOT-Melt adhesive tape, Semi-Adhesive tape, Semi-Adhesive Kraft-Liner tape, Kraft –Liner, PET holding adhesive tape Filament adhesive tape, PTFE adhesive tape and etc. Other products include silicone coating and fluoro-silicone coating release products. Our company also offers laminating and die–cutting products. These products are mainly used in the fields of Electronics, PCB, spraying, insulation and so on.

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