Double-Sided Foam Tape Applications


Double-sided foam tape is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of paper, cloth, film, foam, etc. as the substrate, and then uniformly spreading the adhesive on both sides of the substrate. It is composed of substrate and adhesive. 、Isolation paper (release film) consists of three parts. Depending on the substrate, some substrates require surface treatment before coating.



Double-sided foam tapes are classified into water-based double-sided tapes, oil-based double-sided tapes, hot-melt double-sided tapes, acrylic foam double-sided tapes, and PE foam double-sided tapes.

The adhesive force of water-based double-sided tape is weak, and the adhesive force of oil-based double-sided tape is strong. Hot-melt double-sided tape is mainly used in stickers, stationery, office, etc. Oily double-sided tape is mainly used in high-viscosity aspects such as leather goods, pearl cotton, sponge, and shoe products. Embroidery double-sided tape is mainly used in computer embroidery. The sticking tape is mainly used for sticking and positioning printing plates.

Foam glue is mainly used to replace adhesives in such industries as substrate surface pasting, punching, decoration, computer embroidery, nameplates, decoration, postal services, shoemaking, clothing, etc. It is cost-effective for various bonding, mounting, fixing, etc.