Double-sided glass cloth tape

Double-sided glass cloth tape


Description: This kind of tape is made of excellent performance glass fiber cloth as backing, coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive at single or double sides, laminated with release liner. It has excellent tensile strength, anti-friction, high temperature, solvent resistance, electrical insulation properties, widely used in the field of electrical insulation.


∙Flexible and conformable
∙Abrasion resistance
∙High temperature resistance up to 250℃
∙Excellent electrical insulation


∙ Coil binding and fixing in motor, transformer, capacitor and other electrical components
∙ lithium manganese battery insulation wrap for high-strength insulation protection
∙ Various high temperature blast protection

Product series and main technical parameters

Product Number

kgktape- G6558S


Glass cloth / silicone

Backing thickness mm(mil)

0.13 (5.0)

Release liner  mm(mil)

0.05 (2.0)

Tape thickness mm(mil)

0.22 (8.8)



Adhesion to steel (N/25mm)


Tensile strength (N/cm)


Dielectric strength (Volt)


Temp. rating 


Slitting and packing

1. Width:500mm, 1040mm, 2-1000mm can be customized slitting
2. Length: 33m, 66m, 220m, can be customized
3. Plastic core internal diameter:76mm(3”), 38mm(1.5”)
4. Packing: carton or pallet

Note: Above data is the accumulative value by using the recognized test methods. In order to ensure the correct selection of the products, please refer the specification and test sample, or feel free to contact our technical service to provide you with further services.

Double-sided glass cloth tape